Oct 09 2011

Go to Ghyslain (in my best frenchie accent, huh-huh-huh!)

Zee chefs at Ghyslain will not appreciate zee frenchie picture je took in za dark!

I believe it’s pronounced jis-slain. Or maybe guys-slaine… So it’s obvious I did not do well in French classes as a high schooler and apparently I have the short-term memory of a goldfish as I’ve asked multiple people multiple times how to pronounce the restaurants name.  But don’t let the pronunciation deter you.  This place is solid.

Pictured above is the tantalizing Croque Madame.  This brioche panini is stuffed with ham, gruyère cheese and béchamel sauce, then topped with a crown of an over-medium egg.  And because I had this meal-of-a-sandwich for dinner I paired it with a glass of wine.  On prior trips I’ve enjoyed the french dip, french onion soup, and french pressed coffee. How french! But they also serve up insane breakfast delights like quiche, freshly baked croissants and crispy roasted potatoes.

If you like adorable casserole dishes this is the place for you!

And because zey are French ze chocolat is tres magnifique! The dessert station is pure perfection.  You can sample truffles, chocolate turtles, gelato, and the most precious tiny cakes all for a really reasonable fare. I would expect to pay $10-$12 for these little beauties but was pleasantly surprised.  Ghyslain is definitely a great alternative to a more expensive sit down restaurant in the casual environment of a café, with flair only zee french can bring.

Update: It’s pronounced gis-slay which is the owners first name! Cheers.

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