Oct 21 2011

Small, Medium and Massive Margarita

The weather has been simply sucky this week. Cold, wet and rainy in Louisville.  But Friday it will be sunny, high of 54 and “moderate”.  Moderate on a Friday? I’ll take it!  Sounds like a good enough excuse for a margarita happy hour to me.

Bail yourself out of the work and weather doldrums at Los Aztecas restaurant, which features great window seats to West Main Street.  Loz Aztecas has your standard, albeit flavorful fare of Mexican dishes: unending baskets of chips and salsa, burritos, tamales, quesadillas, fajitas, tacos, enchiladas, plus my personal favorites the huevos rancheros and the carne asada made with tender strips of skirt steak.  The restaurant appears smaller from the outside with a spacious shotgun style setup on the inside.  The atmosphere is bustling and the service is quick.   Which is why I didn’t have the chance to blink when the waiter asked, “do you want a small, medium, or large margarita?”  A large was ordered.  And this is the beast came out.

A large margarita at Los Aztecas is a giant 45 ounces. OMG.

45 ounces?! That is not something a normal person can put down, especially with a basket and a half of chips in her stomach and an entree on the way.  But upon my first taste the drinks were delicious especially the strawberry margarita. Typically I don’t enjoy the taste of tequila with strawberry but this one had the perfect balance.  So when visiting Los Aztecas be forewarned, a small margarita is 12 ounces, a medium is 27 ounces, and a large is the behemoth above.  Or take the challenge and order a large but make sure you call a cab when you’re done. TGIF!

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