Nov 15 2011

Cheese curds are delicious.

I said it once and I’ll say it again: cheese curds are delicious. This is a new revelation.  To me, the words “cheese curds” sounds gross.  Like some sick Wisconsin joke to see if they could get outsiders to eat them.  Then I went to AP Crafters and order me a basket of fried cheddar cheese curds with with pimento cheese ranch dressing. Oh. My. God. Awesome.

Get your curd on at AP Crafters 1321 Herr Lane.

They may not look like much but they are worth the dining experience. That and the super friendly waitstaff who gives you a firm handshake whenever you sit down to dine.  Owner Tony Palombino pays attention to details at his kitchen and gastropub, from the cool cocktail menu (like Oprah’s favorite Moscow Mule with vodka, spicy ginger soda, Craft sugar, squeezed lime, mint) to the challenging dinner list that takes bar food very seriously.  Other edgy options on their new Fall menu include:

  • New BBQ “pork Sammy” of pulled pork, Swiss cheese, bacon jam, red onions and fried pickle chips
  • Short-rib tacos, which features braised short ribs with sweet pickled vegetables, fresh cilantro in grilled flour tortillas
  • Rum raisin bread pudding

Add AP Crafters to your Louisville bucket list and go curd crazy.  Hey it’s working for the Packers!

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1 comment to Cheese curds are delicious.

  • Lori

    I just have to say that my fiancé and I have been a regulars at Crafters for some time now and yes, the cheese curds are magnificent but the service is the best we have had in town! We regularly try different restaurants around the city and this is better than many fine dining restaurants we have visited! I mean this in nothing but the best way…Crafters is to gastropub what chic fila is to fast food. Every server we have had there in the at least 20 times we have been, has been wonderful.

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