Nov 01 2011

Grilled Cheeses if you Pleases

Have you seen the yellow Lil Cheezers truck zipping around town serving up delicious gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches?

I used to chase the ice cream man. Now I chase food trucks.

While I’ve been to several food truck gatherings Lil Cheezers always seemed to evade me.  Whether it was the super duper long line, or them being so popular they ran out of inventory, the other day at Trucktoberfest I got there nice and early and was only the third or fourth in line.  After careful consideration of their menu, I decided on the $9 Holly’s Special: Roasted turkey grilled cheese sandwich on thick cut wheatberry bread, with roasted red pepper and basil pesto, with smoked Gouda.  SO GOOD! This ain’t yo mama’s grilled cheese sandwich.

I think that guy behind me is after my sandwich!

Holly’s special also came out with thick cut, golden brown russet potatoes chips served with curried ketchup. Comfort food at its finest.  If you haven’t check out Lil Cheezers yet head over to their Twitter account to find them around town daily.

Lil Cheezers (Food Truck) on Urbanspoon

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