Nov 27 2011

The Village Anchor

I had the most amazing time at The Village Anchor in Anchorage, Kentucky.  Having never been to Anchorage before I was treated to gorgeous nautical themed homes, amazing lake views and the cutest restaurants all nestled together with the flagship being the Village Anchor.  And all 20 minutes away from downtown! During the winter there is an insulated outdoor heated patio with a roaring stone fireplace to keep you warm while enjoying the view.  This place was absolutely darling.  Take a look for yourself by clicking through the slideshow below.

What we ate: Anchorage award-winning chili with freshly fried pita chips. French onion soup with a toasted brioche crouton.  A fried egg sandwich with fresh basil leaves, fried pancetta on sourdough bread, with garlic ailoli. Hand-cut sweet potato fries with rosemary salt and vanilla/brown sugar seasoning.  Served with a creamy marshmallow dipping sauce.  Gorgeous pink grilled North Atlantic salmon, sauteed baby spinach with a balsamic glaze.

Why we’ll be back: The service was excellent.  You feel transported, like you’re dining in Maine. And I’m dying to try Red Velvet Pancakes on their Sunday brunch menu. (PDF)

Village Anchor and Sea Hag Pub on Urbanspoon

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