Jan 19 2012

10 reasons Silver Dollar is awesome

Top 10 reasons the Silver Dollar is an awesome place to get your grub on:

The former Albert A. Stoll firehouse got fancy y’all.

10. Dangerous (and extensive) collection of both bourbon AND tequila.

9.  Wood. Wooden booths, 40+ foot wooden bar, wooden hand painted street signs. Even the menu is a flexible wood. Combined with the exposed brick and tacky post-season Christmas lights, it gives this kitchy honkey tonk a comforting atmosphere.

8. Bucket list worthy food. Yes it was on my bucket list to eat chicken livers. Yes Silver Dollar deep fries and buttermilk batters their chicken livers. Yes I ate some with their homemade hot sauce. Did I like it? No. I suppose chicken livers just aren’t my thing. But I crossed it off my list!

7.  Style. Many folks have been calling the Silver Dollar ‘Bakersfield-styled’, ‘a retro honky tonk’, and ‘that restaurant in that old firehouse’.  ‘On Frankfort’.  All of these are true.

6. Redneck banquet table. In the back, seats about 20. Complete with table candles and plastic chairs.  And more Christmas lights.

5.  The Gold Rush. A cocktail of bourbon (Old Fitzgerald), lemon, and honey.   It sounds like a remedy for something!

4.  Art. A hand painted map of the city the firemen used to use? Love it.

3. Swinging music.  Rhythmic, upbeat, hip, country, and fun.  The whole joint was tapping their toes as they were chatting.

2.  Comfort food. The largest bone-in maple syrup drenched, crispy piece of juicy chicken you can throw an adjective at.  On a waffle. But please owners Michael Rubel, Shawn Cantley, and Larry Rice (formerly of 732 Social).  Can I get a few extra waffle pieces on the plate? Also good: the mac and cheese.

And the number 1 reason to get your grub on at the Silver Dollar…

1. Fireman’s Pole. That’s really the only reason you need.

Check it out for yourself:

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1761 Frankfort Avenue. Open Monday through Sunday. 5p-2a.

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