Mar 21 2012

Best Burger

This warm weather has me thinking about grilling out! I’ve got a special place in my heart for burgers.  When I was 19, I met my husband at the University of Delaware in a tiny 60′s style burger joint where he was the line cook.  Whenever I came in he used to grill me up the most delicious beef and turkey burgers making them extra special to impress me.  Burgers mean love to me!

The prettiest burgers aren't always the most delicious. Not that I care!

If you too have a love of burgers in your heart and a killer mouth-watering burger recipe, the Kentucky Beef Council and the Derby Festival want to hear from you.  Now through April 1st an official burger throw-down has been challenged to all kings and queens of the grill.  It’s called the Derby Burger Challenge.  Some of the contest prizes and rules:

Derby Burger Challenge finalists will be announced on April 4 and the winner will be selected and announced on April 9. The winning burger recipe will be recognized in Louisville-area Kroger stores, as well as being served to guests at the KDF Derby Eve Jam Pre-Party on May 4 at Kroger’s Fest-a-Ville on the Waterfront. The winner will receive VIP tickets to the Derby Eve Jam concert, as well as winning a year’s supply of ground beef and a grilling package from Kroger and the Kentucky Beef Council.

A years supply of ground beef? I wonder how many pounds that is exactly. Hopefully it’s enough to grill out during this 9 month summer we are having.  And that’s a lot of beef!

3 comments to Best Burger

  • I just submitted 4 of the gnarliest burger recipes. If I don’t make the top 4 I shall be thoroughly impressed with the winners.

  • Bourbon Co. Burger – Kenny’s Farmhouse Kentucky Bleu, Kentucky Limestone Bibb, Fathers Country Smoked Bacon, Caramelized Onions, Four Roses Bourbon Mustard.

    The Louisville Tradition; Benedictine spread, Capriole Goat Cheese, Fresh Cucumber slices, Tomato, Crispy Onion Straws.

    And a little bit of this and that.

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