Mar 22 2012

Calling all Winos

Winemakers from Walla Walla Washington, (say that three times fast), are holding an event at the Oakroom in the Seelbach Hilton on Wednesday April 11 for those who like a little food with their wine.  Both Kentucky’s Vinter Select and Walla Walla’s Revelry Vintners will be on site pouring wine pairings with each course. Here’s what you’ll taste at the event:

Reception- Passed Hors D’oeuvres, Revelry Chardonnay, Columbia Valley, Washington, 2008

First Course- Border Springs Lamb with braised carrot, creamy parsnip and minted spring ramp, Revelry Merlot, Columbia Valley, Washington, 2009

Second Course- Grilled Creekstone Rib-Eye Cap with morel mushrooms, pearl onions and shallot, Revelry “The Reveler,” Columbia Valley, Washington, 2009

Third Course- Smoked Berkshire Pork Tenderloin with herbes de Provence, fingerling potatoes, ham hock jus, organic haricot verts and housemade pork belly, Revelry “Reserve Blend,” Columbia Valley, Washington, 2008

The dinner will set you back $59 but you’ll learn a lot from master sommelier Julie DeFriend and David DuBou, who will be there to answer questions.  Plus a you’ll be entered to win a rare bottle of Revelry’s Reserve Blend, a very special wine because only 200 cases were made of the blend.  That’s a lottery I can get behind!

Want in? The event starts at 7p.  For reservations call Jennifer Biesel at 502-585-9292. Besides, you may be a wino, but you’re cultured dang it.

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