Mar 05 2012

1900′s Glamour coming Downtown

Downtown Louisville has been the epicenter of such amazing reinvention over the last two years.  As a downtown dweller myself I couldn’t be more pleased to find out that in just mere months (mid-April) I will be able to visit a glamorous early 1900′s styled new restaurant called St. Charles Exchange. Here’s a sneak peak:

Owners Rob Frey and Amy Hoffmann Frey along with with Executive Chef Mitch Prensky hope “to focus on the hospitality angle that hotels offered in the Golden Age of service.” Who doesn’t love the elegance you feel when dining in a gorgeous hotel lobby? More about the history of the building:

St. Charles Exchange shares a complex with the St. Charles Building at 626 W. Main Street, which was built in 1832 and formerly housed the St. Charles Hotel. Unlike many of the early structures that were damaged by fires, tornadoes and dilapidation, the building has remained magnificently unscathed through the decades. (The) 3800 sq. ft. vacant space in one of the oldest buildings in the West Main Street corridor

I know just a little about the entire project and it already sounds absolutely fantastic! And just looking through their photo gallery of the food and cocktails has me ready to throw on my pearls, red lip stain, and faux fur shrug. Cheers to the early 20th century!

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