Mar 27 2012

How Romantical

If you’ve noticed my posts were a little thin over the weekend it is because I was vacationing at the wonderful Hard Rock Punta Cana with an awesome group of people, all while celebrating my one year wedding anniversary which was yesterday.  When we got back in Louisville to have the grand finale of an excellent weekend, we decided to go to the restaurant that is the pinnacle of romance, great food, and service, finding ourselves at Corbett’s Restaurant.

This gorgeous place sticks out like a sore thumb on Norton Healthcare Boulevard (in front of a Costco)

Corbett’s is all about the details from start to finish.  After all they won the AAA Four Diamond Award and are ranked one of the top 100 best American cuisine restaurants on Open Table. We were greeted by our server at the hostess stand who moved us to a beautifully dressed table by a fireplace on the first level.  There’s three main areas to this recently renovated 1800′s property: the original cellar area where you can sample great wines, enjoy tapas or the full menu, the first level area which is bright and spacious but sectioned off for privacy in each room, and the porch area outside to immerse yourself in this warm weather.  That night we chose the $65 a person 5-course Chef tasting meal, which really ended up being 8 courses with the addition of the amuse bouche (one bite starter), bread course and the second mini desserts. Here’s what we ate:

Corbett’s is definitely on the pricey side but in my opinion worth every penny. Our server was telling us about their more inexpensive options for those not trying to break the bank.  Like their 3-course prix fixe lunch menu for $20 or their movie nights during the summer and through Halloween.  I’ll keep you posted with the latest events at now one of my favorite restaurants.  If you’re looking for a date night that will surely impress, Corbett’s has got you covered.

5050 Norton Healthcare Boulevard. New lunch hours Monday through Friday 11a-2:30p. Serving dinner Monday through Thursday 5p to 10p. Friday & Saturday starting at 5p.

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