Apr 06 2012

New Tom Soup and Grilled Cheese Shop

That’s right! The franchise Tom + Chee, a place that makes fancy grilled cheese sandwiches, is opening up its doors early May 2012 on 1704 Bardstown Road, thanks to Louisville natives Natalie and Rich Tinsley.

Says the release:

The name of the restaurant is derived from their signature menu items, homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese. Tom+Chee showcases the world’s most creative selections of grilled cheese recipes, with over 15 on their core menu and dozens on the specials menu chalkboard – which changes frequently. The choices range from basic selections, like the “Crunchy American” (potato chips, American cheese, white bread), to more the eclectic, like the “Flying Pig” (roasted turkey, bacon, pickles, and gouda on sourdough), to the exotic “Grilled Cheese Donut” (available with a variety of ingredients).

Grilled cheese donut… that’ll have to go on my donut bucket list.

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