Apr 25 2012

Underutilized brunch spot alert!

Attention, attention! I was at pacific-rim eatery Asiatique on Bardstown Road last Sunday at 1 pm for brunch and the restaurant was nearly empty. How could this be?

Look at this gorgeous deck! Where is everyone?

A few reasons why Asiatique needs to be on your weekend brunching agenda:

  1. Multiple dining areas, gorgeous outdoor patio, and even the bathroom is pretty!
  2. $3 mimosas. With peach schnapps. Delicious.
  3. Asian brunch. Just look at the menu! Your partner can get their share of eggs, bacon, and toast while you can fill up on house made chorizo summer rolls, pistachio pancakes with coconut milk infused syrup, or lemon grass marinated beef tenderloin.  Also… they make homemade double chocolate chip muffins that taste like a wonderful breakfast brownie explosion.

My brunch had zero wait. And I got to eat this:

A Vietnamese crepe stuffed with tiger prawns and ham and served with sweet chili jam. Boom.

Asiatique. 1767 Bardstown Road. Serving brunch on Sundays from 10a- 3p.

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