May 21 2012

New restaurant alert: Henry’s Place

I’m back in Louisville after a wonderful vacation with details of a new European style restaurant opening June 1st, called Henry’s Place.  Who is Henry? No, it isn’t someone who is completely obsessed with the Fonz, it’s a restaurant honoring famous Louisvillian Henry Watterson who founded the Louisville Courier-Journal.

Fun fact: besides having the sweetest mustache on the block he also was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

The restaurant, opening in the Brownsboro Center, is featuring some tasty upscale food (check out the menu descriptions), with a few items peaking my interest:

  • Rib-eye steak which has been dry-aged for 45 days for $26. Seems like a steal (especially since it comes with a side)
  • Fresh made duck egg pastas.
  • The desserts. Cake. Ice cream. Fresh baked cookies. Gourmet chocolates (called Marse Henry’s Couverture Chocolates).  Take a gander at what will likely steal the show:

This really makes me question why more of my chocolates HAVEN'T been coming with adorable butterflies.

One more important thing to note about Henry’s Place is the way the food is presented.  All food inside the restaurant is going to be served by an army of people who specialize in their particular station, which is a fancy french term called Bridage de Cuisine. More on this style:

Brigade de Cuisine contemplates 21 different positions or stations – everything from the person who washes the pots (the Marmiton), to the fish cook (the Poissonier), to the pantry supervisor (the Garde Manger). Thus was born the concept of Brigade or military organization in large kitchen operations.  Escoffier combined his sense of organization with a deep understanding of the traditions (and complications) of the French style of cooking, and he is credited with the modernization of classic haute cuisine.

Having a team of this size cooking each dish is pretty incredible.  It means every single little ingredient on your plates comes with someone who’s entire job is to prepare that one ingredient.  Many restaurants don’t even have a big enough staff to complete such a task! I expect to see a high attention to detail on each plate and look forward to tasting the food!

After June 1st Henry’s Place will be open for dinner Monday through Saturday 5p-close.  Located at 4864 Brownsboro Center.

5 comments to New restaurant alert: Henry’s Place

  • Pat McGinnis

    Dear Meg

    Charlie Reed and I are the owners of Henry’s Place. Thank you very much for your post on our new restaurant. We will be open tomorrow (June 4) for dinner.

    I did want to take a moment to clarify one point. Our restaurant is small (85 seats), so we won’t literally have an employee for each of the 21 stations of Brigade de Cuisine. However, our idea is to faithfully honor the brigade concept by following all the cooking processes inherent in Brigade de cuisine. Hence, we are calling our concept “American Brigade”.

    One of the interesting twists discovered in our research on Henry Watterson, is that in his European travels, it is highly likely that he dined at the table of the creator of Brigade de Cuisine, Auguste Escoffier.

    We hope you will enjoy our restaurant and the elegant ambience we have created for our patrons.

  • Thanks for the info Charlie! Looking forward to trying your food

  • judy

    looks great from the outside; is there a menu on line?

  • Pat McGinnis

    Judy, we opened last night. Thanks for your interest.

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