Aug 14 2012

If a Cinnabon and a Pizza Had a Baby…

I don’t often talk about fast food on Megabites, because it’s not local, and often it really isn’t that good/good for you.  However, I’m no snob. I get it. People eat fast food.  One of my favorite guilty pleasures is the Cinnabon.  That is, until as a chunkyish college graduate, I enrolled in Weight Watchers and realized that one Cinnabon is 20 Weight Watcher points (just under the amount of points I was allowed to consume in one day!)  For those who never converted things into points, that means it is really, really bad for you.  But then Cinnabon introduced their new concept the Pizzabon, and it makes the original look like a fruit bowl! Feast your eyes on this:

Yeah they did.

This shocks me more than KFC’s “Double Down” sandwich.  Never did I imagine a pizza atop of a Cinnabon.  And it is what it looks like, a savory tomato sauce with cheese and pepperoni on top of a cinnamon roll.  No frosting though (yet).  Right now they are testing this fast food mutant in Atlanta in order to combat the “lulls in business during the day when customers go to other restaurants for lunch or dinner.” Holy smokes! If the Pizzabon makes it to Louisville, will you be taking a bite?

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