Oct 04 2012

Guaca Mole: Eat with Your Heart!

The Day of the Dead themed nuevo Mexican restaurant opened in the East end in May and has truly set the mark for exceptional, fun cuisine.  To open a store called Guaca Mole and not have amazing guacamole would be a crime, one that this restaurant does not commit! They serve up an amazing guacamole sampler, with pork rinds, grilled corn, sliced radishes, and fried plantains mixed into three incredible dips.  Wash that down with their sangria and margarita mixer called the Swirl and the appetizer alone left me happy.

Check out this gorgeous salmon dish at Guaca Mole on Ormsby Station Road! This is not your standard Mexican fare.

Now on my second trip I had the delight to have the Mole Poblano, half of a pan-roasted chicken resting on smooth, dark mole sauce, topped with crema and garnished with cooked sweet plantains and red-veined lettuce leaves.  But the real dish I fell in love with the was Short Ribs Enfrijoladas with braised short rib so tender on top the most delicious black bean sauce topped with crema.  I could lick up that sauce! But what should we expect from the owners of Havana Rumba and Mojitos restaurants.

If you want to try this great restaurant this Monday October 8th is the time to go, when they will be donating 100% of profits that day to Lane Goodwin, a 13 year old boy that has a very rare form of cancer.

Guaca Mole: 9921 Ormsby Station Road, Louisville 40223

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