Oct 08 2011

About Us

Meet the family! 

Amelia Stevens (Food Enthusiast, Frenchie, Design Specialist, and Louisvillian): “I love food so much that I made it my primary thesis and focus area while studying another language (French)! I love all kinds of foods and all kinds of flavors! Desserts are definitely my downfall – I’ll eat chocolate, cookies, cakes, pies, icing, raw sugar….anything sweet. I love coffee and trying all of the different coffee shops that Louisville has. My dad’s been telling me for quite sometime now that Louisville has so many restaurants it’s impossible to eat at all of them. And I’m here to prove him wrong.”

Picnics in Paris


Greg Mosley (Californian, Food Enthusiast, Fun, Fierce and Fabulous): “I’m a FABULOUS 33 year old man that moved to Louisville for the first time in 2008 with my partner of 9 years.  I was born and raised in Davis, CA- a small college town in Northern California.  My love for food started probably the same time everyone else’s did, AT BIRTH! Who doesn’t love food, right???  Growing up in California, I was exposed to many different types of cuisine from a very young age.  In my house, the rule for food was “you have to try everything once, and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to eat it ever again” Those are words I hear every time I’m going to experience something new and I must say, I would have missed out on tons of dishes and foods that I discredited because a number of reasons!  So I will pass that same advice on to all of the readers out there, TRY EVERYTHING ONCE, YOU MIGHT LIKE IT!! :) Living in Louisville for a total of 4 years, I’ve learned that there is a great foodie culture here and so many local fabulous restaurants that I have to try and it has become my mission to share my food experiences with all of you!”

Greg LOVES cheese fries!

Greg LOVES cheese fries!

Megan Malone (Founder, Food Enthusiast, Digital Guru, and current Pennsylvanian): “Food enthusiast isn’t really the right term.  Food enthusiasts are what I’d imagine I would be like if I got my doctor to write me a script for Adderall.   I’m a heavy user. I’ve got an obsession with great local Louisville food blogs and a DVR menu packed with all things Food Network, Top Chef, Ramsey, Man vs Food, Flay, Brown and I just discovered online BBC food shows too- AMAZING. You can find me at wine tastings, food truck rukus’ (rukus’s? rukuses?) and restaurant grand openings.    I have more pictures of my food then of the actual human beings I love in my life.  So instead of constantly torturing my Facebook friends with restaurant reviews I’ve decided to put it all in one easy to access place and created megabiteslouisville.”

Mom, look what I ate!

Wanna give us a shout? Email us at megabiteslouisville@gmail.com

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