Mar 28 2013

The Coolest Spots for Easter Brunch

Easter is right around the corner, and while that means on Monday you can ditch your Lent promises of not drinking soda and cursing, you can also celebrate with brunch with your family at some super cool local eateries.  Many restaurants are offering up omelet bars and your standard breakfast treats but these [...]

Apr 08 2012

Happy Easter

Here’s where I’m eating, at Proof on Main:

I’ve had a wonderful time entertaining my dad and brother around Louisville and Proof is such a staple of our great city. I hope everyone has an outstanding holiday weekend and eats amazing food today!

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Apr 05 2012

Where to Eat for Easter

Easter brunch in a restaurant is a truly wonderful thing. It gets you out of the house with friends and family without the mess. It also helps the cause of not getting worms from picking at the uncooked ham all day. It’s a win/win! And this weekend I am lucky enough to have family visiting [...]