Jun 08 2014

It’s real and it’s been fun.


[This is one of my favorite videos to watch to cheer me up. Don't be scared off by the French name - it doesn't require French to understand. The title says "Have you ever seen ballerinas in training?" Used to show this to my FR101 students, they loved it.]


My friends, Megabites [...]

May 15 2014

Our MEGA week(end)

I’ve been getting some requests for BEFORE-HAND notice of the events we are going to (as opposed to just posts after the events – who would have thought to do such a thing?) so I wanted to tell you all about the packed week/weekend we have ahead of us! And that way I might actually [...]

Mar 18 2012

Rookie Chef

As I was walking through the hallways of Sullivan University the other day I popped into an office for students in the Culinary Arts field to take a look around.  Those who know me know I’m not a great cook, so I was curious about what the students learn in school.  I was also curious [...]